The Crowd Just Got Wiser

Error Correction for AI/ML

- What We Do -

At Data Engines, we offer ground truth inference as a service.  Unleashing the power of unlabeled data,  GroundSeer uses wisdom of the crowds to auto-focus classifier decisions to the highest precision.

How does GroundSeer work?

Our patented technology uses algebraic statistics to discover the hidden pattern underneath the decisions of the crowd. This pattern can be used for:

  • Best-of-breed classifier selection
  • Error correction in near real-time for unlabeled data streams
  • Detection of malfunctioning classifiers

Ensure your data pipeline has its highest precision possible.

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- Applications -

GroundSeer has a variety of possible applications in the arenas of bioinformatics, national security, medical imaging, online advertising/marketing, and data retrieval.

It is particularly suited to artificial intelligence.

  • Self-driving cars can automatically detect which algorithms or sensors are failing or underperforming.

  • Robotic machines can perform self-assessments on sensors so as to discount bad or failing ones.

  • Security classifiers can detect “intrusion” signals to ensure security software operates using multiple algorithms simultaneously in a whole-is-greater-than-the-sum-of-its-parts scanning operation. Faulty cameras, for instance, could be detected instantly.

  • Image analysis and bioinformatics classifiers can recognize alterations in genetic sequences to enable a decision of whether cells are likely to be cancer or not. A similar assessment could be done using information extracted from images of cells or tissues.

  • Online, the degree of correlation among classifiers making labeling decisions can be continuously monitored.

  • Large datasets can be turned into training data with precise knowledge of the quality of the labels.

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